Open DLL file

Open DLL file

Tips for opening DLL files
  • Dynamic Link Library
  • Microsoft

What is DLL file?

DLL files are libraries - a type of system file. These are ready sets of functions that the program can refer to. Their presence in the system is usually obligatory, and their absence will cause an error during startup or when calling the function. You should not delete DLL files. Their accidental removal or damage may cause that programs using it will stop working. In worse cases, the entire operating system may become unstable.

Programs to open DLL file


  • Microsoft Windows icon
    Microsoft Windows
  • Visual FoxPro icon
    Visual FoxPro
  • Resource Hacker icon
    Resource Hacker
  • Microsoft Windows 7 icon
    Microsoft Windows 7
  • Microsoft Visual Studio icon
    Microsoft Visual Studio

File Extension DLL

  • File Type
    Dynamic Link Library
  • File Developer
  • File Category
    System Files
  • Popularity
  • Easy to open
  • Number of supporting programs